The covid-19 continued nearly 3 years, some people been infected by the virus, some people lost much in the business because of this virus, and, some people leave this word, this make us feel the health is the most precious wealth of us, Since you are here and reading us , "hello, we sincerely wish you good health, and lost all annoyances."

    In these virus years, the shipping became more difficult and the shipping cost became more expensive, this is the Realistic losses for both us and our clients, We need pay more for the shipping , and need bear more problems between the shipping.

    Nobody like this situation but we need face the problems, earning more or less is not the most important but we need make the parcels safety and reach you on time,therefore, all lost packages, all blocked packages and all mistake shipment will be resend.

    All orders ship via Fedex, UPS, DHL, EMS, USPS, E-pack. During the check out process, you will have an opportunity to choose a shipping method, Different shipping means different delivery time and cost, follow lets introduce the shipping method.

    1: Fedex/UPS/DHL.
    Its a fast choice for the shipping, for now the fedex and ups mainly for united states and dhl to other area of the word, the cost is about the same and the delivery time is about 10-15 days, usually if the destination is america and its a small parcel then we will ship by fedex but for a bigger parcel send by ups will be more safety.

    2: EMS.
    EMS is a national company, compare with fedex and dhl the ems is not so fast but with high arrival rate, for some countries we can only ship by ems, and for some area, for example overseas military bases of the United States, we can only shipped by EMS too. and to some countries for example canada, australia and south africa it is easier to avoid the customs duties if we send by EMS, before covid-19 the EMS is cheap but these years its became more expensive too just because fewer flights.

    3: E-pack/USPS.
    Its a free shipping methord but only for several countries, the parcel need be less than 2kg and the delivery time is about 15-40 days not the same.
    To united states we send via usps, the parcel will be online when the parcel is on the way to america but start to move only when its already under usps's delivery, if you see the parcel start to move , then you will receive it in 3-4 days but the time between china to america take about 10-15 days.
    To other countries we usually take epack, you can track it online in about 2 days after we ship out, but the delivery is usually unstable , the delivery time take about 15-40 days, sometimes fast and sometimes very slowly, Please understand because its an international shipping then many uncontrollable factors.

    There are some principles point of our delivery work.


  • Safety is the most important point so we usually ship with small parcels.
  • All products will be fully checked before shipment.
  • All parcels will be packed at least with a out package box.
  • No test unfamiliar shipping methods.
  • Notify the shipment timely after we ship out the parcel.


    But still there are some troubles in the shipping, anyway face troubles and resolve problems quickly is our working attitude, and also we ask you take some favour to avoid unnecessary mistake.


  • Set a 10 to 20 days mobile tips after received our delivery notify.
  • Take care when the shipment nearly you.
  • Call the shipping company if the delivery abnormal.
  • Tell us if the delivery have any problems.
  • Keep your mobile Connectable.


    Please contact us if you can't receive the parcel or if the products have any problems, all problems will be resolved Responsibly, but all Malicious complaints will be unwelcome. if the problems havn't been resolved please send email to our manager.

    Attached is the contact inforamtion of our working team:

  • Whatsapp:
  • Wechat : 18565453401
  • Customers service email:
  • Manager email to complain : (Please only if you need complaint)

    Sincerely and Thank you again.
    Lisa of USTARBIZ Team